What is the best free spy apps for android without target phone?

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What is the best undetectable spy app?

Basically, there are two common mobile operating systems available in the market such as Android and iOS. Out of these, 81% of market distribute is android, because of the preference of users towards android. Due to its simple affordability, most of the kids prefer to use the own smartphones. Also, they use smartphones to access Facebook, games, Whatsapp and other such things.

So, it is essential for the parents in order to keep track of the activities of their children on a smartphone. With these improving developments in technology, the developers are highly designed a lot of best as well as 100% undetectable spy apps for free for an Android operating system. Below are some of the undetectable as well as free spy applications for smartphones that include:

App Spy

The App Spy is the most famous spying software that is compatible with iPhone and Android. Now, it has over 1 million plus users. This software normally supports people to spy as well as a monitor on the entire mobile communications in the worldwide.

One wants to spy on, this app highly supports in spying and tracking everything such as call logs, browsing history, messenger messages, text messages, GPS location, and Whatsapp messages.

Net Spy

The Net Spy has some features that can also compete with other mobile spying software. This app is very simple to use. With this app, you can block the phone activity by making time restrictions. In addition to, you can also block the entire unsuitable websites, unnecessary calls, and unwanted apps.


This app helps the one to record and intercept the entire phone calls. One can remotely activate phone’s microphone to record the ambient noise. This software has the capability to operate on both Android and iOS. With a single license, it could be installed on multiple phones. However, this SpyeRa is one of the best phones spying software that available at a reasonable cost. Some of its features are including:

  • Access videos and photos
  • Activates the phone’s microphone remotely
  • Remotely record and monitor all phone calls
  • Supports both jailbroken and rooted operating systems
  • Monitor all text messages, Facebook activity, call logs, and Whatsapp messages

The Truth Spy

According to the reviews of 2018, the truth Spy is one of the best spy software that is compatible with iPhone and Android. It provides the best monitoring at an affordable cost. It is also very simple to use as well as highly advanced. It has the ability to hand the most difficult requests. The user interface of this software is beginner friendly.

Guest Spy

The guest spy software is commonly known for its excellent feature for call interception. This feature also allows the user to silently listen as well as record to the entire phone calls. It is advisable only on rooted or jailbroken devices.

Phone Spying

This software is most famous spying software that can easily monitor the call logs, videos, GPS data, photos, contacts, text messages, calendar and browsing history and more.


The NEXSPY software is the most spy apps for android without target phone. It can record instant messages, keystrokes, browser history, and text messages.

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