How to tell if someone is intercepting my text messages?

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Cell phones can quite easily be intercepted with the help of the latest technology, hence leading to an invasion of privacy. There are many interception services that let the other party trace all the messages, conversations, and location without you getting a hint of it.

The intruder might even able to turn on your microphone and listen to your conversations, even when you are not using your phone; which is the reason why it is said that one should never trust anyone with their cell phone. It takes only a few minutes to download and install the software for intercepting the phone, so if you suspect that someone is intercepting your texts and other conversations there are different ways to tell.

How to find out about cell phone interception?

There are quite a number of tell-tale indicators, which can help you in finding out if someone is intercepting your phone: intercept text messages without target phone for free

  • You should keep a check on your phone battery life; the battery life decreases when data is transmitted from the phone. So if you feel that your phone battery is draining out at quite a fast rate, then this could be the sign that your phone conversations are being intercepted.
  • The warmth of your phone is another sign that can tell you about phone interception. If your phone gets heat up when you are using it, then it means that the battery is in use but if you are not using your phone and the phone is still getting heat up then it is definitely a sign of danger. It is a sign telling you that someone else is using your phone.
  • Light of the phone is another thing to consider; in case the phone lights up when you are not using it then it means that somebody else is using it. Also, if the phone stays lighted even when it is shut off, it might be an indicator that someone is intercepting your phone.
  • Listen to your phone carefully; if you are on the phone and if you suddenly hear odd background noises then it is an unusual sign telling you that your phone is being intercepted. Unexpected beeps or the clicking sounds are also a sign of the phone being intercepted.

If you see notice all these signs in your phone, then it is dangerous for you and your phone because somebody is then trying to invade your privacy. The best thing that you can do to get out of this situation is by performing a factory reset.

The factory reset option is there in your phone setting; doing this will make you lose all your data but then it will save your privacy from getting invaded. You can also back up your data first and then perform a factory reset.

Once you have performed a factory reset then you should secure your phone with a strong pass code, also avoid giving your phone to anybody so that it doesn’t get hacked again.

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