Guide to selecting the best parental control software for internet explorer

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Internet is one of the greatest gifts of technology as it has allowed people to get closer irrespective of the geographical boundaries. Today, you can find almost anything and anyone on the internet and this has made the world a smaller place. Today you can find an answer to anything just by clicking a few buttons and it is because of this reason that most people have easy access to all the information.

While this is beneficial from one perspective, it has also created new types of problems for the people. The bottom line of the internet is the fact that it gives quite easy access to information which can at times prove to be harmful to the person. This is the case with kids because they are the ones who are most vulnerable to the side effects of the internet.

The internet can harm the kids in multiple ways since they do not possess the understanding to distinguish between the types of content present on the internet. It is because of this reason that there is a need for the best parental control software for browsers like the internet explorer.

Changing the settings in the browser

Internet Explorer is one of the most popular browsers for surfing and retrieving information from the internet. The explorer equips the person with some of the most customized options to make sure that the entire surfing experience is beyond expectations.

However, when the kids use the internet, it must be noted that the safety of the kids is always the priority. Since they cannot be made to understand the ill effects of using the internet, it will always be advised to make use of parental control software.

In the case of internet explorer, the software is already enabled in the settings of the software. What this means is that the internet explorer gives you an opportunity to set parental lock in the browser itself.

All that you need to do is click on the tools in the ‘internet options’ and then click on the ‘content’ option and there you can check the parental lock. The content lock has an enable button and as soon as you click the enable button, the settings for content advisory shall turn on.

Next, you can select all that content that you wish to block or allow for your child. This includes all kinds of content like content invoking fear or intimidation, content promoting alcoholism, drug abuse, gambling or content that sets a bad example. This makes it the best parental control software available with the parents.

The default settings of the explorer

The default settings of the parental control options to allow the user to make a more careful and calculated decision while setting the parental lock settings. There are several options which can be used to exercise the necessary. Here are some of the basic settings available for you.

Ratification of the site

In the beginning, all the settings are set to the default settings which means that the browser will not promote any content which falls in the above-mentioned categories. However, you can change these settings or modify them to suit the needs of your children. Obviously, children are not careful enough to decide their right and wrong but as their guardians, it becomes your responsibility to make sufficient efforts to ensure their safety.

The advanced settings of the content advisory box are equipped with a list of advanced that allows you to modify the settings as per your own preference. This includes several filters based on the specifications that you would like to add to your content like sexual acts, language or explicit scenes, etc. you can easily move the slider to determine the degree of control that you would like to exercise on the browser.

If you move the slider higher, you can allow for some degree of restriction. However, it would be advised that if you are using the parental control settings, you might want to block all the unnecessary videos so as to protect them from being exposed to explicit content. What more? You can also block all the sites so as to make sure that none of the explicit content reaches your children. One can easily check out their settings on the internet explorer which make it the best parental control software.

Providing approval to the sites

If you want to make a site white-list, all that you need to do is enter the URL of the site that you want to white list and then click on the always button. Moreover, if you want to never allow the site to be displayed on the browser, you can click on the ‘never’ button.

The general settings

Another major feature of the parental lock is the general settings which shall allow you to change or set the password by clicking on the create password button. The rest of the settings can be changed or can be set as per the discretion of the ICRA3. Most of the times, the use of general settings is not very popular as the rest of the settings are able to create the required amount of safety for your children. NEXSPY is the best parental control app for android

Need for parental lock in the browser

The use of the internet for retrieving information is quite common among children. However, it is also important that the internet has a store of unregulated data and information which must be handled efficiently. Children below a certain age are not capable of doing it on their own and it is because of this reason that parents need to set up parental locks.

The parental lock setting for the internet explorer is one of the best parental control software that you can find. With its general and advanced settings, it allows you to protect your child from unnecessary exposure to things that are beyond his understanding. NEXSPY is the best cell phone monitoring apps parental control

Thus, with the help of these settings, you can make use of the internet explorer for changing and customizing the parental lock and get acquainted with the settings which make it the best parental control software in the present times.

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